Setup Automated Responses to Comments and Reviews

Setup Automated Responses to Comments and Reviews

Setup Automated Responses to Comments and Reviews

Below are the steps to enable automated responses to comments from surveys and/or online reviews based on the rating given by the client.

Click Here to View the Video on Setting Up Automated Responses to Comments and Reviews

Glossary of Terms:

Comments: Written comments provided by a client who submitted a survey. Comments are not public facing.

Reviews: Written online reviews provided by a client who left a review on one or more Online Review sites (i.e. Google, Yelp, Facebook).

How to Edit Response Templates

  1.  Admin level user log into ReviewTree
  2. In the menu along the top, select "Account"
  3. In the Account drop down select "Accounts Info"
  4. On the Accounts Info page, navigate to bottom of page and select "Reponses Templates" button
  5. There are four (4) tabs: Positive, Neutral, Negative, and Auto-Respond
  6. To edit a template based on sentiment, select the Positive, Neutral, or Negative tab, edit the response template, and save changes before navigating from the page.

How to Setup Auto-Respond

  1. From the Manage Response Templates page, select the "Auto-Respond" tab
  2. Enter the number of hours to wait to send the automated response to the client
  3. Enter in practice name (e.g. "ABC Veterinary Practice")
  4. Enter a real "Reply To" email address
  5. In the "Apply To" drop down, select either "Comments", "Reviews" or "Both". 
  6. In the field "Select which star ratings should have auto response" choose one or more ratings from the list.
  7. To Select the templates with the responses that you want to send to the customers, choose from one of four templates.
  8. Select "Save" to save changes and enable Auto Respond.

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