Export Survey Data

Export Survey Data

How to Request an Automatic Export of Survey Data

You can request to automatically receive an export file (CSV) of your survey data on a Monthly basis by submitting this request to ReviewTree Support (simply email support@reviewtree.com).

This must be requested by your organization's primary admin user. In the request please include up to 5 email addresses that should receive the survey export data.

The export file will include the following data elements:
  1. Response ID (unique identifying code for the survey response)
  2. Time Started
  3. Date Submitted
  4. Status (Partial or Completed)
  5. Overall Comments
  6. Location Information
  7. IP Address
  8. Name
  9. Email
  10. Answers to all survey questions 
  11. Review Posting Action(s)
  12. Selected Charity

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