Dashboard Overview

Dashboard Overview

Dashboard Overview

When a user signs into ReviewTree, they are brought to the Dashboard. On the dashboard are several areas of interest to most ReviewTree users.

Customer Responses: Total number of survey responses 

Satisfaction Rating: Based on overall happiness rating from survey responses. 

Online Reviews: Total number of Online Reviews from all review sites (e.g. Google My Business Page, Facebook, Yelp) over all time. This number may include reviews that were left directly from the survey, and will also include reviews made directly to the sites outside of the survey including those made before ReviewTree was integrated. During Trial, this number will remain at 0. 

Net Promoter Score: The NPS score comes from the survey question "On a scale of 0-10, how likely are you to recommend us to a friend or family?". Use your NPS as the key measure of your customers’ overall perception of your brand. Because NPS is a leading indicator from growth, it provides the best anchor for your customer experience management program.

Survey Response Rate: Percentage of clients who responded to the survey they were sent. Most ReviewTree clients have a survey response rate of 18-22%. In general, customer satisfaction surveys have an average response rate of 10-30%. 

Online Visibility: Score given based on online search visibility compared to other similar competitors. During Trial, this number will remain at 0. 

The four squares located in the center and bottom of the page are described below:
  1. Customer Responses: Overall satisfaction rating from clients who submitted a Survey.
  2. Results: Rating & Reviews: Comparative report showing key performance indicators captured before ReviewTree was implemented and current data with ReviewTree. During Trial, this quadrant will remain blank.
  3. Review Count: Interactive quadrant aggregating data for "Online Review Count", "Average Online Review Rating", "Average Survey Rating", and "Net Promoter Score", each by month to date. 
  4. Source of Customers: Aggregate chart showing percentage breakdown of responses to the survey question "How did you hear about us..." Note if this question is disabled in your survey, data may not appear here. This question can be worded in any way you choose, and the answer choices may be whichever choices you choose to have in the survey. Contact support@reviewtree.com if you would like these changed.

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