Client Feedback Reports

Client Feedback Reports

Steps to Access Client Feedback Report(s) Instantly

At any time, you can select Response Report to view your client feedback report. This is data that comes directly from your surveys.

While you may be signed up to receive these reports via email weekly or monthly (steps to do so are below), you can also request this report get added to your system (if it is not there already) for instant access and ad-hoc date reporting. Contact support to have this in place for your system.

Below are the steps to access the Client Feedback Report(s) at any time:
  1. Admin level user log into ReviewTree
  2. Select "Account" tab along the top
  3. Select "Response Report" from the drop down list
  4. Here you will view one (or more) of your client feedback report(s)
  5. Select the Date Range to choose your timeframe and interval for your report
  6. It will update automatically
  7. You can choose to save the report as a PDF
If you are subscribed and would like to make changes to the report's format, please submit a support ticket by emailing

Steps to adjust automatic Client Feedback Report emails

In order to request, change, or end an automatic weekly or monthly Client Feedback Report email, make this request to ReviewTree by adjusting the user's notification preferences located in the user's profile. Changing this notification setting is not automatic. This action will let ReviewTree support know to update your settings, the settings themselves cannot be accessed by any user. Please allow (24) hours to make this adjustment following the request. 

To update a user's Report Notification settings, complete the following steps:
  1. Any user log into ReviewTree
  2. Select "Accounts" from the tab along the top
  3. In the "Accounts" drop down, select from the list "Users"
  4. In the Users list, select "Edit User" button next to the user who's settings need adjusting
  5. Select "Manage Notifications & Reports" button
  6. Under "Send me a Survey Response Recap Report" drop down, select Weekly, Monthly, or Never" 
  7. Save changes
  8. A member of the Support Team will contact you when the requested changes are in place for the user(s) requested.
"Daily" is a redundant frequency for aggregate reporting and not advised for emailing, therefore we recommend using the instant report and adjust to one day if this style of report is needed.

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